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Pop My Cherry

"The Duet has a lot of amazing features, more than I could put in this review without rambling on forever. It is my favorite vibrator to date, which says a lot after reviewing 2000+ vibrators from designer, to gadgets, to ugly bunnies. This vibrator is elegant, stylish, powerful and made just right to rev the clitoris to orgasm. Finally, a sex toy company that gets women’s pleasure!"

Aug 18, 2012
Naked at Our Age

"The Crave Duet completely surprised me! I had seen photos of this unusual clitoral vibrator and read reviews, so I thought I'd like it -- but I had no idea I'd love it. ... Now there's an extra-strong "turbo" setting -- which is strong enough even for me!"

Dec 06, 2012
TravelNurse Toybox

"I am impressed and yes, I do believe that the Duet with all of its features is really justified in the price. I have found that it is quite strong and will even work through clothing. At times it even feels a little strong, but I can turn the side to the beveled side and continue on with play. The Duet does produce orgasms and multiple ones if you wish. This could even be used for forced orgasms for those into heavier play. It also works great on the male erogenous zones and for nipple stimulation."

Mar 09, 2013
Boobaloo's Reviews

"Overall this is probably one of the best, most powerful, easy to store, easy to use vibrators that I have ever reviewed. I love everything about it, even that it’s too powerful for me, it’s so easy to use, looks so stylish. I can’t think of anything more to say about this vibe other than you must get one!!!"

Feb 06, 2013
HellKat's Little Bit of Heaven

"I can honestly say there is nothing I would change about the Duet. The power is incredible, the design works wonderfully and it's incredibly discreet, a real must-have for any collection."

Feb 08, 2013

The duet is now even better

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