Charging your Duet
Press the "O" button after plugging the metal body into the USB port. Blinking LEDs in the buttons indicate that it's charging; a solid light indicates the battery is fully charged. Charge time is approximately 1-2 hours.
Turn on / off
Hold the "O" button for 2 seconds to turn ON or OFF.
Check battery level
When you turn on the vibe, it will pulse in one of the patterns above to indicate its battery level.
Change vibration
There are 4 vibration patterns and 4 intensity levels. Press the "O" button to change the vibration pattern and use the "+" and "-" buttons to adjust intensity. TURBO - is only available in the steady setting. While in the steady setting press + 4 times until you are in the highest setting, then HOLD DOWN + for 2 seconds.
Cleaning Your Duet
1. First make sure your Duet is fully assembled as pictured to the right.
This ensures that water does not leak into the device.
2. Use mild soap and water before and after use.
3. Dry off before storage.

Note on Lubricants
Lubes are great additions to the bedroom experience, but only use water-based lubes with your Duet. Silicone-based lubes do not play nicely with the Duet's silicone tips - usage of silicone lube may cause the lube to bond to your Duet and damage its surface quality.

Be Gentle
The Duet's tips are flexible to accommodate a variety of pressures and positions, but please do not separate the them more than one pinkie width apart or you may damage them.

Battery Life
It is best to charge the Duet soon after use. Leaving it in an uncharged state for more than a week can permanently damage the battery. Charging the Duet periodically - every 3 to 6 months - will help to maintain battery life.
The Duet is only waterproof when fully assembled - when the body is completely inserted into the silicone tip and the seal is tight (see image below). Be careful not to separate the body from the tip if the Duet is being sprayed with or submerged in water.
Duet FAQ
How do I turn on the Duet?
Press and hold the center button for 2-3 seconds (the delay guards against accidentally turning on inside a purse or luggage). Once the Duet turns on, it will pulse between one and four times to indicate battery level before switching to vibration mode.
How can I use the Duet?
The Duet is designed for external clitoral stimulation and is not intended for vaginal or anal penetration. Also, do not separate the tips more than one pinkie width apart to avoid damaging the Duet.
Where can I find instructions for my Duet?
A quick start guide is printed inside the Duet box under the panel with the clear sticker. You can also find this support page URL engraved on the back of the Crave charm that came with your vibe.
How do I charge my Duet?
Plug it into a USB port (a computer will work, or use a USB adapter to charge on a standard electrical outlet) and press the center button. The buttons will flash according to charge state: a low battery level flashes slowly, and as the level increases the lights will blink faster and faster. When the battery is fully charged, the lights will be constant.
How do I know the Duet's charge level?
After the Duet finishes charging, the lights in the buttons will remain constant. When the Duet turns on, it will pulse between one and four times to indicate battery level: 1 pulse = 25%, 2 pulses = 50%, 3 pulses = 75%, 4 pulses = 100%
Why don't the lights on my Duet Lux stay on once it has finished charging?
Due to the way the memory circuit board is programmed, the LEDs occasionally "time out" after it has finished charging. As long as the lights flash during charging before this, you can be sure that the battery is fully charged once they stop flashing, whether or not they stay lit.
Why does my Duet get hot when it charges?
Not to worry! As the Duet charges, the internal circuitry will heat up slightly, and this can transfer to the metal body. The body will return to room temperature after charging, and should never get too hot to handle.
Why isn't my Duet Lux storage visible on my computer?
The Duet memory card is activated by pressing the center button after plugging it into the computer, in the same way that charging is initiated. The Duet will then function just like any other flash drive.
What if the vibration is too strong for me?
The Duet has four intensity levels, allowing you to adjust as needed. If it's still too strong, try using the Duet outside your clothing to dampen the vibration. Alternatively, experiment with different positions or locations on the body to find what works for you.
How should I care for the gold plating on my Duet Lux?
Because gold is a soft metal, the plating may wear off over time. Avoid abrasive or chemical cleaning supplies to preserve the plating.
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