La Santa Cecilia: Sultry songs for your sexy-time soundtrack

Let the needle drop: La Santa Cecilia makes music that puts you in the mood.

Let the needle drop: La Santa Cecilia makes music that puts you in the mood.

When NPR Weekend Edition guests Felix Contreras and Jasmine Garsd dropped the needle on the first of their picks for best Latin music of 2013, they got my attention.

The song was Nuestra Senora La Reina de Los Angeles. The band was La Santa Cecilia. And the voice–that voice–was La Marisoul. The sexy beat, the soulful rhythm, and La Marisoul’s sultry vocals: This is music that puts you in the mood.

I had to hear more.

Jack, Falling, and Losing Game (with Elvis Costello)–all discovered on the band’s MySpace page–are other La Santa Cecilia songs I’d gladly play on endless repeat. And it doesn’t hurt that La Marisoul’s amazing voice is matched by an equally amazing attitude about self-expression and self-acceptance: “Fashion and magazines and TV tell you what you should look like because your body shape is like this, forget that sh*t. Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable and makes you feel good and beautiful.”

While new to me (and hopefully a welcome discovery for some of you too), the Los Angeles band has received increasing acclaim in recent years. L.A. Weekly named La Santa Cecilia “Best Latin Alternative Band” in 2012, and the band’s Treinta Dias album earned a spot on NPR Music’s “50 Favorite Albums of 2013.”

If your sexy-time soundtrack is looking for an update, La Santa Cecilia may have just what you need. Give them a listen.

Source: NPR Weekend Edition

Image credit: Martin Cathrae

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