Could we actually LIKE shopping for bras someday? New lingerie startups think so…

Is it good-bye to lingerie purveyors of the past?

Is it good-bye to lingerie purveyors of the past?

While stats on women’s bra-buying sentiments are hard to come by, anecdotal evidence suggests that for most women, they range from negative to neutral and not much further beyond.

A host of lingerie start-ups are trying to change that by using new technologies and new commerce models to offer better-fitting bras–and a better buying experience. With the enormity of the lingerie market ($30 billion) and the relative dominance by a single player (Victoria’s Secret, of course), these new companies have attracted the attention of investors and are now vying to win the hearts of consumers.

Some of the most interesting: True&Co. sends you an assortment of products based on your answers to an online fit quiz, and offers free returns on any items you don’t want to keep. Ampere offers its custom designs in 28 different sizes and includes a few sister sizes with every bra you order so you can find the perfect fit. ThirdLove has you take two photos with a smartphone, then uses patented technology to find your size and offer a customized selection of bras.

The dual focus on a better product and better buying experience strikes a chord with us, as Crave was founded to do exactly the same for sex toys. Although PandoDaily surmises that “there’s not really room for all of them, given that the majority have raised venture funding and their investors will be hoping for sizeable exits,” it’s hard to not feel like the real winners will be women.


Get more scoop on lingerie start-up trends in Forbes, Fashionista, and the Wall Street Journal.

Source: PandoDaily

Image credit: Jean Cormon


  1. Andrea Jayne on December 28, 2013 at 11:07 pm

    I like buying bras whenever I can afford the hopelessly gorgeous, expensive, European ones. Forget Victoria Secret; I stopped shopping there 20 years ago when I went to London and discovered that their English address on Margaret street that they used in their advertising at the time was fake! You get a better appreciation of lingerie shopping when you do it in France, however. Then you understand why French women take it so seriously.

  2. on December 30, 2013 at 7:11 pm

    Ah will keep that tip in mind the next time I’m in France!

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