Self-love: It’s always in season

Send a love note to yourself...and don't crumple it up!

Send a love note to yourself…and don’t crumple it up!

It’s always the right time to remember the importance of loving oneself, but as we approach the start of the new year, a time when many of us default to thinking about all the things we want to do differently and better, this treatise on self-love feels especially timely.

Written by Alice Grist and titled “How To Be Your Own Perfect Lover,” the article was first published on HelloGiggles, a “positive online community for women” founded by Zooey Deschanel and others, and most recently reprinted on Refinery29

With a slight caveat that the overall tone of the post is about loving yourself as a starting point for improving your other relationships (romantic and otherwise), the author still offers many worthwhile reminders about how to better appreciate ourselves–and how to keep those other relationships in perspective.

And while statements like “When you are enough for yourself, then anyone else is a bonus” may feel overly aspirational, they’re still aspirational and as such, a good read if you’re in the mood for some inspiration.

Happy new year!


Source: Refinery29

Image credit: Camdiluv

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