I Want Candy

Halloween is right around the corner and I’m getting a sugar rush just thinking about all the sweets that will be floating around the office, and on sale the day after for naughty grownups like myself. When it comes to sexy candy, I’ve never been one for chocolate body paint or edible panties, but with a strong oral fixation, I love to suck and play with the sweet things that fill this season.

With the variety of candies available around Halloween, there are limitless ways to play when you’re ready to get frisky with your partner. Can you finish off a caramel-filled chocolate bar eating from end to end? What about playing a less-than-vanilla villain with light bondage using bubblegum tape or extra long licorice ropes? Or a guessing game of “hot or cold” using mint candy for cool sensations and cinnamon for hot, either on the skin or while going down on your partner?

A personal favorite of mine is enjoying the erotic appeal of sticky sweet Cadbury Creme Eggs. Now that Cadbury Scream Eggs come filled with gooey green and white goodness in the Fall, licking the melted chocolate off your lover’s fingers or watching someone (or being watched) slowly swallowing the thick creamy fondant center is not just a Spring fling.

Of course, sharing candy can always be a sexy exercise in sensation and trust. I am a big fan of kissing with Pop Rocks on the tongue but I’ve had partners who could not stand the unpredictable feeling (hmmm, perhaps that could be a compatibility test?). In a more reckless time I may have played “mouth hockey” using a M&Ms as pucks, but to avoid the obvious choking hazard, I’d compromise by slowly passing the chocolate back and forth with my partner, carefully warming it in our mouths and trying not to be the first to crack the shell. Of course, be spontaneous but safe  be aware of everyone’s allergies when playing with food and avoid the dirty sexy temptation to insert candy where it doesn’t belong, as sugar can upset an otherwise healthy balance down there.

Finally, I’ve got lots more to say about dressing up for Halloween (stay tuned for another post next week), but why stop with a sexy candy costume? Creative ideas for dressing up like sugar treats are showing up everywhere from DIY craft forums to local drug stores. I’d love to see someone dressed like a sexy package of sweets along with a partner whose hands and face are covered in the evidence of their mutual sugar binge. Maybe next year my partner will be the packaging and I’ll be the one covered in sugar from head to toe.

With all the delicious ways to play with candy, when the 31st rolls around it’s tempting to just turn off the lights to keep the trick or treaters away and indulge yourself with the sweets you bought for the occasion. What will you be doing this year?

Courtney is a writer living the Bay Area. Her favorite candy is currently anything gummy. She tweets @courtoly.

Photo Credit: Dmitry Menshikov via Creative Commons

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