Coming Out of the Closet with Halloween Fantasies

I can whip up some excellent party decorations and bake a mean boozy pie, but creativity at Halloween sometimes just means pulling the sexiest role playing costume out of my closet and calling it a night. Latex dominatrix? Check. Sexy cowgirl? I’ve got it. Modern Lolita in ruffles and lace? That’s only the beginning.

If I’m putting a little more effort into my costume, I try to incorporate Pagan practices into the holiday and celebrate by wearing something invoking my goals for the following year. Once it was an off-the-shelf sexy librarian with a blue halter top and skirt printed with titles of dirty books. While I haven’t quite gotten a job at the Kinsey Library or Center For Sex and Culture Library yet, it did at least set me into applying to grad school before the following October rolled around.

For those who want to keep their fantasies in the bedroom, Halloween masks and costumes can be a fun way to introduce a partner to a fetish or fantasy you might be otherwise shy about, or simply a way to pick up some discounted costumes to play in come November 1st. I’ve seen zentai suits at Target this year, something I did not imagine just a few years ago when I learned there was a fetish for being enclosed in Lycra. If you’re curious about furries, Halloween is the perfect excuse to explore how you feel inside a mascot costume. Whether your fantasies involve pirates or 1950s households, harems or hitchhikers, there are plenty of tutorials for putting together costumes for your ultimate hot scenario at this time of year.

As for me, this year I’m going as Red from the pinball game Road Show, not because I intend to join a road crew as a busty ginger beauty, but in hopes that this will be the start of a better year of pinball tournament play for me. And for my partner who is too shy to let me share his own secret desires on this blog, I’ll be picking up a few treats for the bedroom when the stores begin their Halloween clearance.

What are your favorite roles to play? Have you ever taken advantage of Halloween to explore a new fantasy with your partner?

Courtney is a writer living the Bay Area. She tweets @courtoly.

Photo Credit: Ryan McGuire via Creative Commons

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