The bonds of womanhood (or, “Accidentally ordered sex toys to my parents’ house…”)

The reddit alien feels like a friend to many!

The reddit alien feels like a friend to many!

“Accidentally ordered sex toys to my parents’ house, need help or some comforting words.”

When I dove into the post that began with those words on the Two X Chromosomes subreddit, I expected hilarity to ensue. What emerged instead was a touching snapshot of the ways in which women, even total strangers, can come together to offer each other genuine care, concern, and support.

The 20-something-year-old original poster wrote her plea in a state of sadness and panic. She’d ordered sex toys to enjoy with her soon-to-be-former boyfriend in their last weeks together–but, bitten by the speed and “ease” of Amazon 1-Click, she’d inadvertently had her purchase shipped to her conservative, religious parents’ house (in her father’s name) instead of her own. She asked her fellow redditors for advice and support as she frantically tried to figure out how to keep her parents from discovering the contents of the packages. She got both:

Strategies for how to intercept the packages and storylines for how to explain their contents if discovered…. Words of sympathy, words of empathy, and even some unsolicited advice on how to approach the end of her relationship with her boyfriend.

Horror stories were exchanged (think father asking daughter if she wanted her vibrators sent to her college dorm room or mother seeing toddler son running down the hall with blue penis in hand).

The poster was genuinely touched by the empathy and the outpouring of support, and frankly so was I.

In an era in which online comments sections often devolve into angry insults and mean-spirited name-calling, it’s a very refreshing change. Will it be a trend as more sites require commenters to identify themselves? Or just another reason for reddit’s massive — and growing — community of fans?

Source: Reddit

Credit: Beatrice Munch (via Flickr)

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  1. Rob on January 20, 2014 at 4:25 am

    The quality of comments on reddit has more to do with upvotes/downvotes than users having to identify themselves, which they actually don’t have to do at all. Users on reddit are just as anonymous (perhaps more-so considering recent developments) as those on youtube.

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