A special deal on our gorgeous new dildos: Curve & Forte

New Crave Glass: sculpture meets pleasure

New Crave Glass: sculpture meets pleasure

We have exciting news and a not-very-shameless pitch for our Cravings community: a limited supply of our new glass dildos (Curve Forte) with free shipping plus a free sample of UberLube!

Today’s dose of modern sexy is an entirely new category of toys from Crave, and we’re bringing these to our Cravings community first in an exclusive pre-sale.

We spend a lot of time talking to women about sex and sensation, and one of the things we’ve heard consistently since we introduced our vibrators and foreplay jewelry is that people would love to see how Crave’s approach to penetration toys might look (and feel!).

As always, we put a lot of thought into how people use toys by themselves and with partners, which led us to design two beautiful new borosilicate glass dildos, Curve and Forte, for penetrative vaginal play (note: these are not designed for anal use). You can read more about them here: Curve and Forte.

We chose glass both because it is stunning and sculptural and because it’s a sustainable and body-safe material. These toys are nonporous and heat and shatter-resistant (we’ve tested drops from 6 feet; you’re probably not going to be using them on a taller ladder, right?) and each includes a zippered hard-shell case with fabric lining. For this pre-sale, we’re offering free shipping within the United States. We’re also including a free sample of a great lube we love, Uberlube, since we like (and recommend) lots of lube for penetrative toys. We share a special kinship with Uberlube, as it is made and packaged here in the US. You can even add on a full size bottle of this great lube to your order here.  

Again, we are thrilled to share this exclusive pre-release with our Cravings community. We have a limited supply of the Curve and Forte dildos, and we expect them to sell out very quickly, (don’t worry, we’ll have more in a few weeks!) so feel free to forward this email to anyone you know who might want in on it.

Both of these new additions are exclusively available to you now on our site, but only through the links in this posting, so order your sleek Curve or Forte while this special offer lasts!

UPDATE (July 17): Our new Curve & Forte are now fully available on our site! To celebrate the launch, we’re offering 20% off dildo orders and including a free sample of Uberlube (while supplies last) with the following coupon code: GLASSRELEASE until July 22nd. Please note that our pre-launch “free shipping” promotion is no longer in effect. Learn more or get your own here: Curve and Forte

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