Vesper, behind the scenes

Ti Chang, Designer and Co-founder

Ti Chang, Designer and Co-founder

We’ve had a lot of media coverage for our Vesper Vibrator Necklace this month, with a range of reactions that makes it quite clear we’ve touched on something provocative. I want to give the Cravings community a bit of a behind the scenes peek into my thoughts about this product from an aesthetic, functional and emotional point of view, especially since Vesper is all about the interplay between our public and private selves. 

As a friend of mine teasingly pointed out, “Ti, I think you’ve nailed it.” Personally as a designer, I am drawn to distilled and symbolic forms, forms that are simple to understand yet open for interpretations. In this case I arrived at the iconic look of a nail from several factors: material choice, technical constraints and the aesthetic I wanted to evoke. As a designer I do not start my process with a look in mind, but rather a holistic understanding of the product.

I deeply appreciate high-quality materials such as 316 stainless steel from a visual and tactile point of view. I chose this material for its longevity, visual purity and quality — it will not rust, tarnish or change color. It is also a material that is easy to clean, which makes it ideal for this application. Functionally, creating a rechargeable super slim compact vibrator that was both highly functional and could be worn unobtrusively was not an easy task. Luckily because we have engineering and advanced prototyping under our roof, we were able to innovate to employ both a high-strength motor and long-lasting battery in an extremely compact form factor.

Visually, Vesper’s iconic shape will appeal to some more than others, as with any fashion object. The nail projects a balance of edgy and symbolic motifs that can be open to interpretation. To me, it is a traditionally masculine and raw symbol that I am reinventing as an elegant instrument of pleasure.

On a deeper level, I think masturbation has been taboo for women for too long and this is my way to publicly say it is okay in a fashionable way. That said, it’s an individual choice if you want to wear it publicly or not. Vesper is designed so that the chain is removable, so if you prefer to leave this by your bedside, you’ll find it equally functional in private and public, with or without the chain.

We have our first batch of Vespers in production this week. We’ll put them through our rigorous quality checks, charge them up, and get them shipped out very soon. Please feel free to drop a line to let us know what you think.

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