New Year, New Pleasures

Winter can be a tough time to feel sexy, especially when you’re stuffed into a black bubble coat running to get the train in the sleet and “wintry mix” (do any of us know exactly what that means, even the meteorologist?). But a new year means new resolutions, and winter can be as sexy a time as any, especially snuggled up inside. 

New Year’s resolutions are usually all about restrictions and the dreaded word “no.” Who decided that New Year’s resolutions should be “no” to more chocolate, “no” to sex, and “no” to lying in bed past noon? Surely not a woman. For this new year, what if you said yes to a pleasurable idea you’ve always wanted to indulge in? What if you said yes to everything pleasurable for an entire week — what would happen?

A few pleasure principle suggestions for you:

  • Have you been waiting for a reason to buy satin sheets, a gorgeous robe, new pajamas, vintage-inspired lingerie or the perfect luxurious sleep mask? Why wait? You’ll use them a lot this winter.
  • For a bit more adventure, try a corset. There’s a wide range of options, from costume-y to Renaissance or steampunk, to more timeless and classic looks. You may find it too restrictive, or you may love the way a corset changes your posture and gives you a secret smile under your everyday clothes.
  • Need some reading material to steam up those windows? Luckily, there’s erotica for anything. If you didn’t get one under the Christmas tree, an e-reader is your secret weapon for immediate home delivery of erotica and romance. Bonus: you can read these naughty books on the train or subway or in the living room with your family and no one will ever know.
  • Finally, try a new soundtrack for your romantic winter. For a sexy night, try these Songza playlists: Cool & Sexy, Date Night City Soundscapes, Velvet Voices, and Alluring Makeout Mixes

May your 2015 be full of pleasure. Happy New Year, lovers!

Dakota Kim is a freelance writer and burlesque lover living in New York.

Photo credit: Les Chatfield, via Creative Commons

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