Fifty Shades Confession…

Um… we haven’t read it.

We were discussing this at the office the other day after Vogue featured the Vesper in its Fifty Shades of Grey Valentine’s Day guide, and we were both a little surprised to realize that neither of us were among the more than 100 million people who had swooned for the story of Ana and Christian and their naughty escapades in the Red Room.

There are plenty of people who love the books and plenty of people who hate them. The film adaptation opens this weekend to both praise and ridicule. We know that sex toys feature prominently in the story (although none of ours) and one might argue that we have a responsibility — and an opportunity — to chime in.

Here’s what we think: we are all in favor of more mainstream novels and movies and discussions of the vast array of things that turn people on. As the Los Angeles Times notes in a thoughtful piece, there’s a real cultural shift in how people are talking about sex, and we’re absolutely delighted about that. We hope this leads to hundreds of new masterpieces about all of the kinds of sex people have with each other (or by themselves…)

Is Fifty Shades the best possible representation of kinky sex? Maybe not (or we might have been more inclined to read it!), but it sparked a lot of conversations about kinky sex — between lovers, between friends, in mainstream and social media, and out in the world. And this is something that is such a core part of the Crave mission that we actually feel a little guilty that we haven’t read it yet. We want to encourage both the people who got off on Fifty Shades and the people who were bothered by it for any number of reasons to talk about what really turns them on. We believe those conversations can change the world.

We owe you one, E.L. James. Let us know where we can send you a Vesper.

Ti Chang is the Co-Founder and VP of Design at Crave. Michael Topolovac is the Co-Founder and CEO at Crave. Illustration by Ti Chang.



  1. on February 15, 2015 at 8:15 am

    I tried to get into the book 2, I really did, YET, I don’t think I get through Chapter 2. Perhaps it is my own experience as an ex Dominatrix, that kept me from the fantasy of it all. There is certainly a niche for it in the car pool lane or the within the Mommy and Me set (not knocking them as I was there once). As a purveyor of all things KINK, we shall see how this all equals $$$$.

  2. Andrea Jayne on February 22, 2015 at 6:50 am

    I don’t think this country is making any progress at all towards sexuality because we still make movies where men arent full frontal nude. From reading the reviews of FSG, there’s not much nudity shown at all, (huh?) and Fine-Ass Jamie Dornan said in an interview with Forbes magazine that one of the reasons he wasn’t totally nude was because they didn’t want to gross anyone out. WTF?! Who would be grossed out by his body?!

    I couldn’t read that ridiculous book, the writing was so bad. E.L. James got lucky, and rich because of some repressed, bored soccer moms who were above Harlequin romance novels. Her "literary" success is purely coincidental, yet so unoriginal. Anne Rice did all that before her with her Sleeping Beauty trilogy, and did it much better (you couldn’t even begin to put that content on the screen it’s so riveting and explicit, those books are hot!)

    Don’t send E.L James a Vesper, you owe her nothing for that lackluster prose. She’s rich now, make her buy one, or better yet, if you do another round of funding, ask her to be an investor!

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