Introducing Flex

At CRAVE, we believe that sex toys should be as beautiful and sophisticated as other modern products in our life. To that end, we continue to explore new ways to create the best possible products.

For our new Flex vibrators, we’re going to need a little help. And that’s the fun part. Vibration patterns are not always easy to figure out — after all, how can we know what you really, really like? We’ve come up with new twist on user research: enabling you to help us uncover the best vibration patterns through a little DIY vibrator programming.

As many of you know, we got our start as the first company to develop a crowdfunded vibrator with the Duet in 2012. We love this direct engagement with our community, which resulted in another record-breaking campaign in 2014 with our award-winning Vesper vibrator necklace. 

With Flex, we’re excited to embark on what we think is the next stage of crowdfunding — what we view more as crowdsourcing — to ask for your help with the product development process. By providing direct access to the “vibration engine” for the Flex series, we can offer a limited number of project backers a hands-on design experience, and in doing so, you will help us create products that are better for everyone.

Visit our crowdfunding page to learn more and pre-order your Flex today!

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