She Knows: You Can Now Pre-Order This Super Stealth, Kink-Inspired Sex Toy Jewelry on Kickstarter

May 2, 2022

And if you haven’t been turned on to the subtle and sexy world of sex toy jewelry yet, you’re going to want to hear about Crave and their latest offering.

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Elle: 13 Minimalist Pieces Of Jewellery That Double Up As High End Sex Toys

Feb 19, 2022

A sleek, metal pendant necklace by day, a slimline vibrator by… well whenever you fancy, Crave’s genius Vesper masquerades so effectively as jewellery, you’d never suspect it’s anything else.

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Condé Nast Traveler: Sex Toys So Discreet You Can Take Them (Almost) Anywhere

Feb 18, 2022

The Vesper is as chic as a sex toy can be, available in gold, rose gold, and silver. The sleek stainless steel vibrator is an external stimulator only, hanging on a long chain that doubles as a necklace, if you’re so bold. It comes with four speed settings and a USB charger.

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Wit and Delight: 4 Favorite Intimacy Products, Whether You’re Solo or With a Partner

Feb 10, 2022

I purchased this vibrator necklace several years ago on a research trip with a local agency. (Oh how times have changed!) It’s small and comes with a chain, which makes it perfect for travel or for those who might want to conceal their personal devices (wink!).

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Forbes: 13 High-End Sex Toys To Add To Your Cart Before Valentine’s Day

Jan 28, 2022

Over 500 Amazon shoppers have given this discreet three-speed vibrator a five-star rating. It doubles as a sleek pendant necklace when not in use, which is sure to add a bit of excitement and anticipation to date night. And despite its simple settings, users say it creates an intense effect—in the best possible way.

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Goop: Detox Your Carry-On with These Ten Travel Must-Haves

Jan 13, 2022

Pack it last, unpack it first, or wear it around your neck. We adore anything that multitasks and comes wrapped, preferably in gold.

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Jan 12, 2022

Indulge in this pleasure-filled necklace that is designed to be worn in private and in public. It operates at four different speeds while giving you (or your partner) 40 minutes of uninterrupted play. Personalize with a special message to yourself or a loved one. Sweet or naughty, your choice.

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Core 77: Health & Wellness Award Core77 Design Awards 2021

Dec 18, 2021

Pleasure is highly complex. We know that what works for one person may not work for another – all varying pleasure being valid, of course. Duet Pro comes from the idea that exploration is the key to uncovering and discovering one’s preference. Duet Pro is designed as a focused clitoral vibrator with dual tips that surround the clitoris. With such a focused sensation, the adjustability of the vibration pattern allows users to hone in on what really works for them.

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The Next Web: Sex toy design has a lot to teach big tech

Sep 22, 2021

I wanted to find out if this was true, or if I’m spouting nonsense. To dig deeper, I spoke with Ti Chang, the VP of Design at Crave, a luxury sex toy company. I mean, what could be better than talking with someone who makes a product that’s so utterly committed to user experience?

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