Mar 24, 2017

San Francisco based vibrator maker Crave offers pieces of risqué fashion with pieces like the “Vesper.” It looks like the popular and simple hanging steel bar necklaces that all the lovely ladies wear. In reality, it’s a fully functional stainless steel 3-speed vibrator that comes in tones of gold, rose gold and silver.

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Refinery 29

Mar 22, 2017

A sleek silver vibrator that hangs around your neck? Fonda may just be talking about the Vesper, one of our own favorites.

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The Next Web

Mar 10, 2017

The workshop was full of blunt, unapologetic talk of sexuality, a refreshing session of honesty. Crave’s other co-founder, Ti Chang, described the history of the vibrator, and how, in recent years, vibrators have been designed with an eye towards whimsy. She hypothesized that this was to distance the vibrator from its purpose, and rebrand it as a “toy” or “massager,” rather than an instrument of female sexual pleasure.

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Mirror UK

Feb 17, 2017

Sex toy company launches high-tech vibrator ‘you can keep in plain sight’ – and is swamped with orders

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Feb 11, 2017

For that, she recommends the Vesper from Crave, a chic bulletlike necklace that doubles as a powerful vibrator. Christian says she’s a fan of treating the toy like a regular piece of jewelry, and thinks it’s hot to wear your vibrator in public and have it be your “dirty little secret.” “Also, it’s metal, which means it heats up to your body temperature and causes much less friction on your sensitive parts. Your clitoris will say ‘Yes, please!’” Christian says, adding that because it warms up, it’s an accessible way for women to achieve multiple orgasms.

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Feb 10, 2017

“And trust us, as far as adult toys go, you’ll really want to play with this one, and here’s why: It’s so uniquely designed you won’t even realize it’s a vibrator and it’s the perfect find for any woman who wants her private time to be quiet time too. You can’t hear this thing at all.”

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Women’s Health

Feb 9, 2017

“You and your guy are out for drinks, and you’re wearing your new necklace—actually a vibrator “pendant” on a chain. It’s your shared secret, and a bit of mental foreplay until you can use it on your clitoris during sex.”

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The Daily Dot

Feb 1, 2017

“That being said, however, the Crave’s “Vesper” vibrator might make even the most sex-positive libertine blush. It’s a beautiful object, with three custom shades of silver, copper, and gold, serving as a tasteful counterpoint to the chunky Fisher Price plastic of your standard Spencer’s Gifts fare.”

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Jan 12, 2017

“If anyone’s going to go this risky route anyway, you may as well get something that can still be used, like a bottle-opening ring or a telescope necklace or a pendant that doubles as a powerful vibrator. Wanting practical gifts isn’t a gendered, man-only thing: No person will hate on a gift that even marginally improves their lives (for real, get the vibrator necklace.)”

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