May 13, 2016

“Whether you’re looking to make a statement or are just the sort of person who needs the convenience of literally wearing your vibrator around your neck, the Vesper has you covered. ”

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May 9, 2016

“Crave Duet Lux: The gold handle can be engraved with all sorts of sweet nothings.”  

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Apr 6, 2016

“Vesper, a design by San Francisco company Crave, does this with audacity: the stainless steel, bullet-like vibrator doubles as a necklace.”

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The Frisky

Mar 11, 2016

“Crave Jewelry, which offers ‘sexually charged items that double as wonderfully stylish jewelry (provided, of course, that you’ve got no qualms about wearing your vibrator around your neck),’”

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Feb 26, 2016

“Five and a half years after launching its first crowdfunding campaign, the Crave line has expanded to include six different product lines (with a seventh currently in pre-sale).”

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Funcheap SF

Feb 26, 2016

“Stop by the Crave Pop-Up Shop, put on by the SF-based modern sex toy company responsible for the first crowd-funded vibrator and the sexy wearable tech creation, the Vesper vibrator necklace.”

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Core 77

Feb 24, 2016

“‘Objects of Desire’… The book comes out March 28. The cover features the Vesper vibrator necklace by Crave. … We have a lot of amazing women designers and craftswomen featured in the book including Ti Chang…”

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The Kernel

Feb 14, 2016

“On Crave’s presale page, where 500 of the 24k gold- and silver-plated toys sold out in three days, the company calculated the money customers save on batteries alone.”

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Feb 11, 2016

“Carly Ayres of the design website Core77 interviewed Crave designer and co-founder, Ti Chang about her considerations when designing the Bullet vibrator.”

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