Mama Mia: I tried a sex toy I didn’t even know existed for one week. And… wow

Oct 13, 2018

The best part? This baby had me reaching climax so quickly that no one wondered where I was! I went back to the table, and had one of the most relaxed drinks of my life.

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Business Insider: This SF startup got kicked off Kickstarter for trying to crowdfund a vibrator

Jul 2, 2018

Now the company makes luxury sex toys and is de-stigmatizing sexual pleasure in the process.

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Scary Mommy: A vibrator pop-up shop is the thing you didn’t know you needed in your life

Jun 21, 2018

The process was easy. And, I don’t know, making your own vibe is a weirdly empowering experience.

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Design Milk: Listen to episode 58 of Clever: Ti Chang

May 15, 2018

In this episode, Amy and Jaime talk to industrial designer Ti Chang, an independent thinker and brave warrior for power empowerment, she’s on a mission to eradicate shame and guilt.

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Daily Star: This gold necklace is hiding a surprising secret – it can improve your sex life

Apr 4, 2018

From a fashion perspective, there are also ways to customise the necklace to wear out.

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7×7: Build your own vibrator in an airstream – because of course you can

Mar 26, 2018

Participants will receive a kit with all different parts of the sex toy. Then our technicians will walk them through the complete and final creation of the vibrator.

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Autostraddle: How to buy a vibrator

Mar 20, 2018

There are solid, rechargeable, and pretty bullets that will go a lot further and feel a lot better: try the solid Crave Bullet, or the discreet and wearable Crave Vesper.

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Core 77: Crave’s Build-Your-Own-Vibrator workshop demonstration, and an explanation of the design of the Duet Pro

Mar 15, 2018

“No one wants a loud vibrator” – Ti Chang

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Bustle: The Crave airstream project lets you build your own sex toy

Mar 15, 2018

I loved learning that, while pretty and powerful, Crave toys are impressively simple. And isn’t that one of the main tenets of great design?

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