Glamour: We tried that wearable vibrator you’ve heard about – and it’s worth the hype

Jan 4, 2018

Sure all orgasms are awesome, but let’s be real: Not all orgasms are glamorous. The Vesper is (Fergie voice) G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S. Like orgasming-on-an-island-while-wearing-eyelash-extensions-and-fur-level-glamorous.

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InStyle: Sex expert Shan Boodram: “I dare you to find a more intriguing way to describe your outfit than: ‘It Vibrates'”.

Nov 10, 2017

It perfectly represents me and what I hope to achieve as a sexual educator.

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Houstonia: I tried it: Wearing a vibrator

Sep 25, 2017

It is weird to wear your vibrator around your neck? I thought the idea was bold, and frankly, about time. Why should we as women, not get to literally wear our sexuality proudly and have a great piece of jewelry to wear while doing so?

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Atlanta Magazine: How I learned to build a vibrator at MODA

Aug 24, 2017

Georgia Tech grad and Crave founder Ti Chang brought her popular workshop, first held at South by Southwest, to Atlanta.

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