Pura Vida: The beautiful people, stories, and places of The FID Costa Rica

I returned from Costa Rica last week, where I spoke at the 6th annual FID Costa Rica, a multidisciplinary design festival of 2000+ creatives, designers, architects, and artists across all disciplines, including graphic design, industrial design, architecture, culinary, and fashion. I was truly honored to share the stage with luminaries like Carl Sprague, Marian Bantjes, Eike König, Big Team Architects, and many more.

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Nude Portraiture 101: A Personal Journey

The photographs were exquisite – bare, sensuous curves, outlined in a mellow, candlelight glow. These portraits were of women I knew, staff at the local women’s fitness studio I faithfully attended as I worked to get my mommy figure back into shape, and shot by a local professional photographer who was inspired to try his adept hand at nude portraiture. I was intrigued.

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“All bodies are entitled to experience…”: A lesson in Cliteracy

“All bodies are entitled to experience the pleasure they are capable of.”

Sometimes you just need to say it like it is, and that’s what Sophia Wallace has done in this well-put sentiment and her entire Cliteracy project. In a great interview with Amon Focus, the artist explains that Cliteracy was born when she could no longer stand the widespread misunderstanding of how women experience pleasure and could no longer ignore the profound absence of the clit in everything from anatomical drawings to scientific research to representations of women enjoying sex.

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