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My husband has had an interesting relationship to vibrators. He’s an engineer, so whenever I bought a new vibe, he’d turn it over in his hands, eyeball the seams, and poke at the parts. Then he’d carefully watch my face while I used it, wanting to see how that particular gadget translated into results. He approached a vibrator like a scientist does a hypothesis.

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14 days of Valentine’s Day fun with Crave starts in 3… 2…

From its dark origins to its heavily Hallmarked modern-day self, Valentine’s Day is complicated. Expectations abound whether you’re in a relationship or not, and we all know that for better or for worse, real life usually looks a little different than a greeting card. For the record, we do NOT believe there’s only one way to experience love, sex, and pleasure–despite what the Valentine’s Day machine would have us think. But it IS a holiday about love, sex, and pleasure after all!

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Introducing “Cravings”…

At Crave, we’re on a mission to provide toys that are as beautiful as they are pleasurable, as meticulously built as they are artfully designed. We’re committed to changing the ways that sex is discussed and sex toys are experienced. After all, shouldn’t this most central aspect of the human existence get the elevated treatment it deserves?

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