Why I Became a Sex Toy Designer

I am an industrial designer and co-founder of CRAVE, a modern sex toy company based in San Francisco. Designing sex toys was not something I aspired to do when I graduated with an I.D. degree from Georgia Tech. I didn’t even realize this sort of role existed.

When people find out what I do, they immediately want to know how I became a sex toy designer. Did I fall on some seriously hard times and start designing sex toys as a last resort? No.

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More Sex, Less Worry

Ernest Hemingway’s A Moveable Feast recounts a terrific story about how F. Scott Fitzgerald came to him one day in a fit of anxiety about the size of his penis, and how Hemingway took him to the Louvre to reassure him that his endowments were certainly equivalent to those of classical Greek statuary.

In the absence of Hemingway, most of us these days turn to Google. Seth Stephens-Davidowitz, an economist who studies consumer behavior, wrote a fascinating article about this a few months ago in the New York Times, and it’s stuck with me as I talk about what we do at Crave, so I wanted to share it here.

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Fifty Shades Confession…

Um… we haven’t read it.

We were discussing this at the office the other day after Vogue featured the Vesper in its Fifty Shades of Grey Valentine’s Day guide, and we were both a little surprised to realize that neither of us were among the more than 100 million people who had swooned for the story of Ana and Christian and their naughty escapades in the Red Room.

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Bringing Eros to Orthodoxy

How do you connect to your sexual pleasure when you grow up in the most rigorously stringent part of the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community, where women are required to cover their bodies from collarbone to toes at all times, and dating is generally limited to a single meeting, sometimes two, with potential husbands? 

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New Year, New Pleasures

Winter can be a tough time to feel sexy, especially when you’re stuffed into a black bubble coat running to get the train in the sleet and “wintry mix” (do any of us know exactly what that means, even the meteorologist?). But a new year means new resolutions, and winter can be as sexy a time as any, especially snuggled up inside. 

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An Interview with Dandy Dillinger

Dandy Dillinger is a burlesque performer and pastry chef living in New York. She creates gorgeous confections at renowned burlesque venue Duane Park by day, and kittens on its stage by night. What came first, pastry or burlesque? Pastry definitely came first. I went to pastry school in 2007, and graduated in 2008. I had…

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Coming Out of the Closet with Halloween Fantasies

I can whip up some excellent party decorations and bake a mean boozy pie, but creativity at Halloween sometimes just means pulling the sexiest role playing costume out of my closet and calling it a night. Latex dominatrix? Check. Sexy cowgirl? I’ve got it. Modern Lolita in ruffles and lace? That’s only the beginning.

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I Want Candy

Halloween is right around the corner and I’m getting a sugar rush just thinking about all the sweets that will be floating around the office, and on sale the day after for naughty grownups like myself. When it comes to sexy candy, I’ve never been one for chocolate body paint or edible panties, but with a strong oral fixation, I love to suck and play with the sweet things that fill this season.

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Reading in bed…

Books are my porn.

And I’m not talking about erotica. Or 50 Shades of Grey, which yes, I read and yes, it turned me on and motivated me to masturbate several times, despite being horrified at the writing itself.

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Interview with Calamity Chang

Calamity Chang is a legendary burlesque performer in New York, known for her sensual performances with luxurious feathered fans and sparkling lingerie. I sat down with “The Asian Sexsation” to find out what turns her on offstage.

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The Alluring Men of Pinball

I love playing pinball almost as much as sex. The touching, nudging, and the necessary roughness to keep the balls in play. My hands might be in control, but my mind is on the outlanes, pinball’s equivalent to the gutter. 

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What is it about the Stiletto?

These high, thin, spiked heels are hot. They’re sexy. For some, they’re a symbol of female power — and lately — even male power. If you haven’t seen any videos featuring street jazz choreographer Yanis Marshall and “his boys” rockin’ it out in stilettos to the likes of The Spice Girls or Beyonce, well, you should. They’re awe-inspiring. And strange. And strangely hot.

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Phone Sex is So Old Fashioned: Hot Tech 2014

Sex is as old as time. It is one of our fundamental biological desires, yet modern sex looks and functions very differently now than it did in the past. And that’s great! Human sexuality will continue to evolve, becoming ever more dynamic as it adapts to the rise of technology. We are finding ways to innovate doin’ it for the digital world, and there are all sorts of tools and gadgets designed to stimulate a healthy and satisfying sex life in a culture increasingly dominated by computer screens. Here we explore some of the best new tech currently turning us on. This is sex in the 21st century, baby.

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The bonds of womanhood (or, “Accidentally ordered sex toys to my parents’ house…”)

“Accidentally ordered sex toys to my parents’ house, need help or some comforting words.”

When I dove into the post that began with those words on the Two X Chromosomes subreddit, I expected hilarity to ensue. What emerged instead was a touching snapshot of the ways in which women, even total strangers, can come together to offer each other genuine care, concern, and support.

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Missed connections, made connections: Trends & thoughts

When we first saw Dorothy Gambrell’s Missed Connections chart on the blog of dating site “How About We…,” it was the graphics that caught our eye. A closer look left us incredulous. (Seriously — Walmart was home to the most missed connections in nearly one-third of all states??) But it’s the title of the blog post on The Dish that seems the most apt summary of all: “The Saddest Map in America.”

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