The Results Are In!

Our newest vibrators, Flex and Duet Flex, were created as a collaborative experiment with our Crave community (here’s a great story from Lifehacker about the process).  We collected extensive quantitative and qualitative data from our project participants, and carefully reviewed each survey submission to determine how to best use the data to develop our vibration…

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What We’re Learning from Flex

We launched Flex, our new series of vibrators, to learn and share more about what turns people on — in this case, specifically around vibration patterns. We know that there’s a lot of diversity in individual sensation preferences (which we applaud!) but it can be hard to collect both quantitative and qualitative research data to help create products to better meet those desires.

With Flex, early project participants had access to an online application that allowed them to customize vibration patterns and download them directly to their vibrators. At the end of their exploration, we asked them to submit their favorite vibe pattern and complete a survey, giving us insight on why that pattern made them tick.  We were able to collect data on how many times a person had altered their vibes, how each pattern changed from the factory default settings, and the score for each new setting. We are working with these results to learn more about what people want, and while it’s still early in the project, we wanted to share a bit of what we’ve seen so far.

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Vibrator Programming. So worth it.

As the Chief Pleasure Officer of CRAVE, I am involved in the design of every single product — the colors & materials, form, user interface, vibration, and most importantly the overall experience. Vibrators have come a long way and the design development process for a sex toy is just like any other modern product — design, prototype, user test, reiterate, prototype again, user test again…until it’s ready for production.

One aspect of designing a vibrator, however, is uniquely challenging: the vibrations.

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More Sex, Less Worry

Ernest Hemingway’s A Moveable Feast recounts a terrific story about how F. Scott Fitzgerald came to him one day in a fit of anxiety about the size of his penis, and how Hemingway took him to the Louvre to reassure him that his endowments were certainly equivalent to those of classical Greek statuary.

In the absence of Hemingway, most of us these days turn to Google. Seth Stephens-Davidowitz, an economist who studies consumer behavior, wrote a fascinating article about this a few months ago in the New York Times, and it’s stuck with me as I talk about what we do at Crave, so I wanted to share it here.

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Missed connections, made connections: Trends & thoughts

When we first saw Dorothy Gambrell’s Missed Connections chart on the blog of dating site “How About We…,” it was the graphics that caught our eye. A closer look left us incredulous. (Seriously — Walmart was home to the most missed connections in nearly one-third of all states??) But it’s the title of the blog post on The Dish that seems the most apt summary of all: “The Saddest Map in America.”

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Survey says: More sex toys in the bedroom…

Fifty Shades of Grey: Love it or hate it, but you can’t ignore the phenomenon. Earlier this year, the iVillage 2013 Married Sex Survey set out to see the E.L. James trilogy’s impact on the sex lives of married couples.

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