What Inspires Me…

People often ask what inspires me, and lately, I am thrilled to see fantastic women entrepreneurs who are making products in a way that contributes to making the world a better place (especially for women and girls!) Here are a few notables:

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Coming Out of the Closet with Halloween Fantasies

I can whip up some excellent party decorations and bake a mean boozy pie, but creativity at Halloween sometimes just means pulling the sexiest role playing costume out of my closet and calling it a night. Latex dominatrix? Check. Sexy cowgirl? I’ve got it. Modern Lolita in ruffles and lace? That’s only the beginning.

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What is it about the Stiletto?

These high, thin, spiked heels are hot. They’re sexy. For some, they’re a symbol of female power — and lately — even male power. If you haven’t seen any videos featuring street jazz choreographer Yanis Marshall and “his boys” rockin’ it out in stilettos to the likes of The Spice Girls or Beyonce, well, you should. They’re awe-inspiring. And strange. And strangely hot.

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