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Interview with Calamity Chang

Calamity Chang is a legendary burlesque performer in New York, known for her sensual performances with luxurious feathered fans and sparkling lingerie. I sat down with “The Asian Sexsation” to find out what turns her on offstage.

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Nude Portraiture 101: A Personal Journey

The photographs were exquisite – bare, sensuous curves, outlined in a mellow, candlelight glow. These portraits were of women I knew, staff at the local women’s fitness studio I faithfully attended as I worked to get my mommy figure back into shape, and shot by a local professional photographer who was inspired to try his adept hand at nude portraiture. I was intrigued.

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Get What You Want

My husband has had an interesting relationship to vibrators. He’s an engineer, so whenever I bought a new vibe, he’d turn it over in his hands, eyeball the seams, and poke at the parts. Then he’d carefully watch my face while I used it, wanting to see how that particular gadget translated into results. He approached a vibrator like a scientist does a hypothesis.

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