Launching Vesper with #vesperstyle photo contest

We’re excited to announce that after a successful pre-order period, the Vesper is officially available for purchase on our site!  We have been overwhelmed by the incredible response we have received for Vesper and we think Cosmo captured the spirit of it all when they wrote:  “It’s pretty bad-ass to wear evidence of taking charge…

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Vesper, behind the scenes

We’ve had a lot of media coverage for our Vesper Vibrator Necklace this month, with a range of reactions that makes it quite clear we’ve touched on something provocative. I want to give the Cravings community a bit of a behind the scenes peek into my thoughts about this product from an aesthetic, functional and…

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Vesper: A Sexy Twist on Wearable Tech

We’ve had a busy few weeks at Crave HQ, and are delighted to share another sexy new pre-release with our Cravings community.

We’ve long wanted to create an elegant-yet-functional wearable vibrator that is equally satisfying for adornment and arousal. In that spirit we created Vesper — a sleek slim vibrator pendant in three gorgeous finishes — to satisfy this craving.

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Object of desire: Efva Attling’s Passion Cuff Ring

If you’re familiar with our line of foreplay jewelry, you know we have a soft spot for adornments that blend beautiful design with a bit of hidden meaning or secret fun. The Passion Cuff Ring is not our design — it’s the work of Swedish designer Efva Attling — but it’s probably not hard to see why we love it.

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