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Behind the Scenes with the Crave Bullet Vibrator

We’re nearly sold out of our first limited release of the Crave Bullet Vibrator, and we wanted to give you a look behind the scenes at how we went about creating this modern version of a classic toy. Over the past few years, we’ve been focused on creating entirely new categories of sex toys, connecting…

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Early Access: The New Crave Bullet Vibrator

Our newest toy will launch on Feb 1st, just in time for Valentine’s Day — but we want to offer you early access and a special discount for being part of our Cravings community. The Crave Bullet is an exciting new reimagining of a classic vibrator, the versatile 60mm bullet that works both as a standalone…

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Trump Trump – Win the Debate with 50% off sitewide

Announcing the Crave Primary Debate Flash Sale, celebrating the triumph of sex over sexism.  

We can’t know what new women-bashing insults Candidate Trump will come up with tonight, but we’ll fight back the best way we know how — spreading pleasure to fight the pain. From the moment the candidates walk on stage tonight until the final applause dies down, we’ll offer an unprecedented 50% off everything on our site — just use the code TRUMPTRUMP at checkout. 

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The Results Are In!

Our newest vibrators, Flex and Duet Flex, were created as a collaborative experiment with our Crave community (here’s a great story from Lifehacker about the process).  We collected extensive quantitative and qualitative data from our project participants, and carefully reviewed each survey submission to determine how to best use the data to develop our vibration…

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What We’re Learning from Flex

We launched Flex, our new series of vibrators, to learn and share more about what turns people on — in this case, specifically around vibration patterns. We know that there’s a lot of diversity in individual sensation preferences (which we applaud!) but it can be hard to collect both quantitative and qualitative research data to help create products to better meet those desires.

With Flex, early project participants had access to an online application that allowed them to customize vibration patterns and download them directly to their vibrators. At the end of their exploration, we asked them to submit their favorite vibe pattern and complete a survey, giving us insight on why that pattern made them tick.  We were able to collect data on how many times a person had altered their vibes, how each pattern changed from the factory default settings, and the score for each new setting. We are working with these results to learn more about what people want, and while it’s still early in the project, we wanted to share a bit of what we’ve seen so far.

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Vibrator Programming. So worth it.

As the Chief Pleasure Officer of CRAVE, I am involved in the design of every single product — the colors & materials, form, user interface, vibration, and most importantly the overall experience. Vibrators have come a long way and the design development process for a sex toy is just like any other modern product — design, prototype, user test, reiterate, prototype again, user test again…until it’s ready for production.

One aspect of designing a vibrator, however, is uniquely challenging: the vibrations.

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Introducing Flex


At CRAVE, we believe that sex toys should be as beautiful and sophisticated as other modern products in our life. To that end, we continue to explore new ways to create the best possible products.

For our new Flex vibrators, we’re going to need a little help. And that’s the fun part. Vibration patterns are not always easy to figure out — after all, how can we know what you really, really like? We’ve come up with new twist on user research: enabling you to help us uncover the best vibration patterns through a little DIY vibrator programming.

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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Flying with Sex Toys

As you might imagine, working at Crave often involves travel with at least a few dozen vibrators. For many people, this would be a nightmare scenario. The TSA officer reaches into your bag and pulls out your favorite purple vibrator. He lets it dangle from two fingers and raises his eyebrows. “And what is this?” he asks, loud enough that everyone around you turns to see what he’s holding. You turn red, and the surrounding crowd bursts into cruel laughter.

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Vesper, behind the scenes

We’ve had a lot of media coverage for our Vesper Vibrator Necklace this month, with a range of reactions that makes it quite clear we’ve touched on something provocative. I want to give the Cravings community a bit of a behind the scenes peek into my thoughts about this product from an aesthetic, functional and…

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Vesper: A Sexy Twist on Wearable Tech

We’ve had a busy few weeks at Crave HQ, and are delighted to share another sexy new pre-release with our Cravings community.

We’ve long wanted to create an elegant-yet-functional wearable vibrator that is equally satisfying for adornment and arousal. In that spirit we created Vesper — a sleek slim vibrator pendant in three gorgeous finishes — to satisfy this craving.

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Three’s Company

When my boyfriend and I were living 50 miles apart for two years and operating on a weekend-only schedule, we were each involved in a separate weekday relationship: Me with my vibrator; he with his hand and the girls in the porn he downloaded off the Internet. 

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Femmes in the Wild: Strap-On Sex for Girly Girls

First of all, that shit needs to be cute. As far as sex toys go, a strap-on is the one most likely to leave you feeling more than a little self-conscious; it is, after all, something you wear. For many, getting strapped adds to a sense of might and dominance, things that can make a top feel incredibly sexy. Yet for others, the whole strap-on enterprise is at odds with the play of submission and even femininity, the very things that often make a bottom feel incredibly sexy.

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Sex Toys & the Ex

It’s sad to say, but even the most sexually superb relationships can come to an end. So I recently learned when the physical distance between myself (in Berlin) and a lover (in Oslo) became too great of an obstacle to overcome, despite the overwhelming excellence of our bedroom adventures. With that decision made, we had one more thing to sort out: who gets custody of the sex toys?

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Get What You Want

My husband has had an interesting relationship to vibrators. He’s an engineer, so whenever I bought a new vibe, he’d turn it over in his hands, eyeball the seams, and poke at the parts. Then he’d carefully watch my face while I used it, wanting to see how that particular gadget translated into results. He approached a vibrator like a scientist does a hypothesis.

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Online toy shopping demystified: 4 tips for making a great choice

When it comes to sex toys, it’s virtually impossible to try before you buy. Don’t let that stop you from making a well-informed purchase. (Note that these tips are written as if you’re buying for yourself, but if you’re buying a gift, they still apply — just consider the recipient’s tastes and desires everywhere we suggest you think about your own!) 

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Survey says: More sex toys in the bedroom…

Fifty Shades of Grey: Love it or hate it, but you can’t ignore the phenomenon. Earlier this year, the iVillage 2013 Married Sex Survey set out to see the E.L. James trilogy’s impact on the sex lives of married couples.

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