Important conversations around consent continue to surface – and while it’s definitely the right place to start, we think it needs to be made clear that when it comes to sex, consent is too low a bar.

You deserve great sex.
You deserve fun sex.
You deserve mind-blowing solo sex.

You. Deserve. Pleasure.

Which is something that just doesn’t get talked about enough because, as a culture, we’re deeply uncomfortable with women’s pleasure.

Now, our culture is fine with women being seen as objects of pleasure. Unfortunately, the notion that women should experience and enjoy and feel entitled to pleasure is, absurdly, still a revolutionary concept.

Good news: we are here for THAT revolution.

We’ve done a bit of research and it seems that most revolutions start with a strong manifesto.

We couldn’t find one.

So we made one.

But this manifesto does not belong just to us. It belongs to anyone who believes in owning their pleasure.

Share it. Add to it. Alter it. Use it well.


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