Vibrator Programming. So worth it.

As the Chief Pleasure Officer of CRAVE, I am involved in the design of every single product — the colors & materials, form, user interface, vibration, and most importantly the overall experience. Vibrators have come a long way and the design development process for a sex toy is just like any other modern product — design, prototype, user test, reiterate, prototype again, user test again…until it’s ready for production.

One aspect of designing a vibrator, however, is uniquely challenging: the vibrations.

After all, how do I know what vibration patterns/speed/intensity other women like? I don’t. I really don’t. I think it would be silly and quite egotistical to say I know what the perfect vibrations are for all women.

We have used various strategies to get feedback from our vibrator test groups, but no one is used to speaking in terms of sine waves and frequencies… so we decided to develop a tool that allows users do a bit of DIY for our newest series of vibrators, Flex. We developed an online application called MyVibes that allows the user to have total control over their preferred patterns. We will then use some confidential big data analysis techniques to figure out the most popular vibration patterns and load them on our final products, the Greatest Hits Flex and Duet Flex vibrators.

Though my degree is from Georgia Tech and I learned Pascal for an AP credit in high school, I don’t consider myself a “girl geek”. I would happily allow my microwave clock to be off by an hour for 8 months during daylight savings and let it correct itself than to take 1.5 minutes to figure out how to change the time. So the idea of programming my own vibration patterns wasn’t something I would normally jump at. I mean… on the surface, the idea feels…well, so complicated.

But as the saying goes, don’t knock it till you try it…so I gave this a go. I am pleasantly surprised to say that the experience was not at all the drama I expected AND on top of that, I now have a vibrator that is set perfectly to what I like and that is actually pretty freakin’ cool.

Personally, I have been a “steady” kinda gal. Pulse and wave patterns are usually meh to ok, but I can always count on the steady pattern. Once I was able to program my own settings (which took 4 iterations and about 30 mins total) I was surprised how much I like the pulse and the wave now! I didn’t think that programming it would change my mind so much.

Sometimes factory default vibes have low settings that usually just do nothing for me and the high just isn’t high enough. By programming it myself, I can increase the power even more and I made sure that as soon as I turn the Flex on even at the lowest setting, it is always just how I like it. You can see the results in the “#myvibes” image above compared to the “factory default” image below. While the differences between the graphs below might look subtle, I can assure you that the difference is significant. So if you are interested in doing a little DIY with our vibrator, you can find out more at The Crowdsourced Pleasure Project.

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